Thursday, February 18, 2016

#ThrowbackThursday: Chairman Matthew Hurtt Looks Back on Two Years

L to R: Peter Ildefonso, Mikayla Hall, Matthew Hurtt,
Ed Gillespie, Kaelee Pines, Lauren Day

Facebook reminded me today that the AFCYRs elected a slate of passionate, capable leaders two years ago. As I look back on my two years as Chairman, I am grateful for having had the privilege of putting together a great team and working with them to build a vibrant and active organization.

I am grateful for past Chairman Matthew Burrow, who helped revitalize our organization in 2012, and I am grateful for everyone I have served with over the last two years: Kaelee Pines, Peter Ildefonso, Lauren Day, Mikayla Hall, Andrew Loposser, Terry Camp, and Patrick South.

It has been a tremendous honor to lead the largest and most active YR organization in the Commonwealth, and I am confident that I am leaving the club in good hands. The incoming executive board has a great task: Mobilize hundreds of YRs ahead of the 2016 election and turn Virginia red for our eventual nominee.

I look forward to continuing my service in whatever capacity I can and wish the incoming board all the best.

If you would like to become involved in our organization, I ask that you reach out to us through Facebook and Twitter and consider paying dues for 2016:

Thank you,