Monday, July 13, 2015

AFCYR Chairman Statement on Rep. Don Beyer's Taylor Swift Fundraiser



Arlington YR Chairman Statement on
Rep. Don Beyer's Taylor Swift Fundraiser

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA -- The National Journal reported Monday that Virginia's 8th District Congressman -- Don Beyer -- was "Congress's biggest Taylor Swift fan." In response, Arlington Falls Church Young Republicans Chairman Matthew Hurtt issued this statement:
"Congressman Beyer may be Taylor Swift's biggest fan in Congress, but his big government policies are hurting Taylor Swift's biggest fans outside the Halls of Congress -- Millennials and young people who are burdened by an out-of-control national debt and regulations that stifle innovation and opportunity.

"When it comes to the national debt and big government regulations, Millennials want to 'shake it off,' but Congressman Beyer would love to continue to pile them on.

"Congressman Beyer would love it if Millennials left a 'blank space' on the check for our federal budget, so he could run up the deficit and pile billions more onto the already $18+ trillion national debt.

"Millennials should have 'bad blood' with big government Democrats like Congressman Beyer, who want to stifle innovation.

"I don't know about Congressman Beyer, but Millennials who are 'feeling 22' and graduating from college are left with fewer opportunities because of the policies Beyer champions in Congress."